Specialist Surveying

Historic Buildings

With our skills and knowledge in Architectural Conservation we are able to survey, record and independantly advise on historic fabric, building maintenance, preservation and retrofit to improve sustainability and energy performance.

3D Scanning and Digital Photogrammetry

High level surveys require the precision of laser scanning while less demanding applications can take advantage of digital photogrammetry.

We employ this technique to enable the quick production of accurate elevations of buildings and models of landform and architectural details. It speeds up the surveying process and assists in the acurate representation of surfaces that would be normally hard to reach or record.

Digital photogrammetry is used in the mining and quarrying industry with the deployment of drones to cover large areas of land and rock faces. It’s also used in archaeology, conservation and heritage for recording models as a precursor to laser scanning or where laser scanning is not required.

Thermal Imaging

We use thermal imaging to assist in the analysis of building fabric and services. This highlights where further investigation may be required by a specialist or with more sensitive or higher resolution equipment.

  • Areas of missing or defective insulation
  • Air leaks and faulty seals on windows and doors
  • Building defects such as rainwater penetration and cold bridging
  • The effectiveness of retrofit modifications and improvements such as secondary glazing or insulated plaster
  • Potential improvements to increase the thermal efficiency of the building and it’s systems
  • Safety hazards such as hot spots created by defective electrics and faulty wiring which may otherwise go unoticed
FLIR Thermal Image of terraced house
FLIR Thermal Image showing leak around window
FLIR Thermal Image of property